ISO/PAS 17712 (Publicly Available Specification / Đặc điểm kỹ thuật có giá trị chung) là một tiêu chuẩn quốc tế phác thảo mà thiết lập “các thủ tục thống nhất để phân loại, công nhận, và thu hồi công nhận của các dấu niêm phong (seals) công-ten-nơ (container) vận chuyển hàng hóa bằng máy (tàu thủy, tàu hỏa, máy bay,...)”.

>>>> ISO/PAS 17712 định nghĩa các loại dấu niêm phong khác nhau có giá trị và mô tả chi tiết các yêu cầu thực hiện chung cho mỗi cấp sản phẩm và bao gồm chi tiết đặc điểm kỹ thuật thử nghiệm. Để định nghĩa có hay không một dấu niêm phong đáp ứng sự tuân thủ C-TPAT, dấu niêm phong phải là chủ đề để ISO chứng minh các thử nghiệm thực hiện.

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  • Tamper Evident Sealling Tape

    • Design Printing:Offer Printing
    • Use:Carton Sealing
    • Feature:Antistatic
    • Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive
    • Adhesive Side:Single Sided
    • Color: Any
    • Size:30 mm*25 m/roll
    • Thickness:25u
    • Usage:carton sealing
    • Special:help you to protect parcel
  • Tamper Evident Bag

    • Easy to write on surface
    • Sequential numbering
    • Tear-off receipt with matching bag number (not included with breathable evidence bags)
  • NT Label Seal

    The Acme NT label is manufactured from a matt polyester face material together with an adhesive on the reverse side that is virtually Non Transferred to any applied surface either indoor or outdoor. This label is ideal when the seal needs to be periodically broken for checking and inspection of items or surfaces which are needed to be reused again and again. When this label is lifted it reveals a highly visible security message “OPEN VOID” as evidence the label seal has been opened. The label face can be written on with a normal pen and is printed with a sequential serial number. Customised company
    name or logo can also be printed to further enhance security. Bar-coding is optional.

  • Sealing Wire

    The Acme Sealing Wire is available in galvanized steel, copper and stainless steel and can be supplied on plastic spools or in cut lengths. The wire consists of a centre core wire and an outer wire, which is spirally lashed around the inner core wire
    providing an excellent thread type grip to prevent slippage or removal after the seal has been compressed.

  • CS3 Seals

    The Acme CS3 Seal is a variable length cable seal manufactured from high quality materials.

    The locking mechanism is protected with a high-impact ABS plastic and the cable is manufactured from galvanized steel.

    The cable has a welded tip for ease of locking and should the cable be cut it unravels making it impossible to re-lock the seal again without showing obvious signs of tampering.

    The seal requires cutters for removal.

  • PL2 Seals

    The Acme PL2 is a Padlock seal manufactured from two materials, Styrene Acrylonitrile for the body and Stainless Steel for hook hasp.

    The cover is transparent so the user can see the seal is correctly locked and if any attempt is made to
    compromise the seal the cover will crack showing clear evidence of attempted tampering

  • Bolt Seals Acme

    Recommended applications

    Rail, Sea & Air Container Freight, Doors, Hatches,
    Trailers, Storage.


    Carbon steel with zinc chromate finish
    Bolt – High visibility polypropylene coated
    Lock Bush – High visibility polypropylene coated


    ISO 17712:2013 (E) ‘H’ compliant High Security Seal
    HM Revenue & Customs High Barrier Seal Class 1
    EU Regulation 2454/93, Article 386, Annex 46A
    US In-Bond Security

    Available Operating Length



    Bolt – 18.8mm dia head and 7.9mm dia shaft
    Bush – 18.1mm dia head reducing to 12.0mm

    Average Breaking Strength

    Tensile Pull Strength – 20.20(kN)
    Shear Test – 8.96 (kN)
    Impact Test at 18º C – 40.68+(J)
    Impact Test at -27º C – 40.68+(J)
    Bending Test – 67.34(Nm)

  • Combilock

    Combi Seal cũng là loại seal dây rút được làm từ Polypropylence .

    Điểm nổi bật của loại seal này là sau khi niêm phong, người sử dụng có thể dể dàng tháo bỏ seal thông qua bộ phận tách rời đầu và thân seal.

    Combi phù hợp với tất cả ứng dụng , đặt biệt là niêm phong những bao đựng tiền hóa chất ….Dấu khắc laser bền vững không tảy xóa được.

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  • DP-20 Plastic Cover

  • SambaCap™

    ✓ Prevents dirt ingress and contamination.
    ✓ Good alternative to metal caps.
    ✓ The product is all-plastic; meaning no rust and no sharp edges.
    ✓ Easy push-on by hand, no tools required for the application of the cap.
    ✓ Easy and ergonomic removal of the cap, pull-off by hand, no tools required and product stays in one piece.
    ✓ Pleasing to the eye, printable and relatively tamper-evident.

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